My path through the world of motorcycles

I bought my first motorcycle in 1999.

It was a Yamaha DT80, reliable, and nimble. I loved the little smoker. It meant the world to me.

My childhood friend Marko on my Yamaha DT80, 1999

As years passed I changed bikes, and defined myself as an enduro rider in 2007. I sold my VFR750 I owned at a time and bought a Suzuki DR350. I started practicing on an empty field I found on the outskirts of Belgrade, Serbia, my home town.

I practiced regularly, and finally bought a KTM EXC 300 and started racing in hard enduro in 2013.

In 2016, I attended Chris Birch’s one day hard enduro course, where I learned A LOT about technique, proper body position on the bike, setting the controls and other really important skills for an Enduro rider.

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Chris Birch showing us how to properly set the controls

I was determined to learn how to ride a big adventure bike, fully loaded with camping gear, tools, spares, and what not. I wanted to master it, so I could ride carefree, enjoy the sceneries, and not feeling exhausted after days’ worth of thrashing a huge bike over rocks, river crossings, sand, and mud.

There was another thing.

My friend Marko and I fantasized for a long time to take the ultimate ride: the one through Mongolia and Gobi desert.

For years I dreamt the same dream. In it, I was riding a big bike across some endless desolate plain. The sun was shining incredibly bright, but it was cold. And every time I woke up I had a strange, nostalgic, overwhelming feeling.

In the summer of 2016, this dream became true. It was a life changing experience. It gave us so much more than we expected.

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Amazing Mongolia – a dream comes true

I realized that my dream is coming true, after one of many nights spent in the desert. On that cold morning we packed, and started riding, when it hit me. I remembered my dream, and realized I was having a déjà vu.

I will be writing about my trips later.

From light racing two strokes, big sport touring bikes, all the way to fully loaded adventure motorcycles, I have a bit to say on each.

I’m no certified expert of any kind, but I like to think that I have quite a bit of experience to share on the topic of motorcycle adventure riding.

Ride on!

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