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Tengri pro is a fairly new and small company that draws inspiration and motivation from our experience with adventure motorcycle riding around the world.

We’ve been conquering the most distant lands for years. We rode across Europe, Caucasus and Himalayas, but riding in Mongolia proved to be the hardest, yet enlightening, experience.

We spent weeks riding through the Gobi desert, we became one with it, only to encounter camels, vultures and desert antelopes occasionally. Its sheer vastness and ruggedness inspired us with so many ideas, one of which was to start designing and producing hard-core equipment for adventure motorcycles. We knew exactly what was needed, we knew how tough and practical the gear should be at the same time.

Once we got back home, we put our minds to it. Six months later, in 2016, we engaged in production. Our minds were set to enable adventure riders around the world to experience the bliss we enjoyed so much without worrying about the gear.

The name for our company popped up by itself. We named it Tengri pro, to honor the Mongolian supreme divinity, which rules the vast blue skies, and to honor Mongolia itself, the land, which inspired us and changed us in so many ways.

Tengri is the power behind all of nature, and all of nature is controlled by him.

Tengri literally means “sky” in Mongolian and modern Mongolians still pray to “Munkh Khukh Tengri” (“Eternal Blue Sky”). Therefore, Mongolia is sometimes poetically referred to by Mongolians as the “Land of Eternal Blue Sky”. Tengri is also the supreme god of the old Mongolian religion named Tengriism, which Genghis Khan also followed. In Tengriism, the meaning of life is seen as living in harmony with the surrounding world.

about us

Through our journeys, we became better in every aspect. We learned to appreciate this life we were given, to live in the present, and to go on adventures in order to know where we truly belong.

We are aware of incredible feeling this kind of traveling provides, and the emotions that arise when you set your camp-site and reflect on the day behind you, while you watch the sunset in the distance. For us, there is no better feeling than knowing that we contributed to the excitement and joy you receive from your journeys.

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